Friday, August 19, 2005

2008 Presidential Election: Oprah vs. Hillary

I know that Oprah isn't running, but boy if she was..that would be the bombalicious election of all times! I wouldn't know which campaign to join. Here's my breakdown on how both women compare to each other.

Non-Presidential Related Issues that are equally as important (according to women)

Best Wardrobe: Oprah
Best Evening Gown: Oprah. Did you see her in that red Vera Wang at her Legends Ball
Best Party at the Whitehouse: Oprah. Turning 50 will never be the same.
Most Likely to Win the Hearts of the People: Oprah. She's been poor, rich, fat, skinny, abused, black, white (well they count her as one)
Best Presidential Speech: Oprah
Best Interior Designing of the Whitehouse: Oprah

Presidential Related Issues:

Affirmative Action: Tie
Civil Rights: Tie
Crime: They'd probably share the same view
Preservation of the Family: Oprah (my guess)
Economic improvement: Hilary
Education: Oprah, hands down (remember the teacher hookup. You win a car! You win a car!)
Foreign Policy: Hilary, but Oprah would clean up some stuff in the motherland.
Court System: Neither (they are both too liberal in my opinion)
Gun Control: Tie
National Debt: Oprah. She could finance it from her personal wealth
Social Security Reform: Yeah Right!!!
Homeland Security: Hilary. Bill is cool with everybody around the world.
Gas Prices: Yeah right. How would either of them know what the gas prices are? They have chauffeurs.
Home Ownership: Tie.

Okay, so Oprah would win according to my vote. Hilary is our closest bet to getting a sister into the Whitehouse. (Unless Ms. Rice decides to run.) Now that would be interesting! No offense to our past distinguished presidents, but a woman in the whitehouse = get stuff done the right way the first time around.

Reporting live from capital hill (well not exactly),
Kidd Grown


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you and agree. I love me some Oprah. I would vote for her for all the reasons you have listed and more.

However, I think Hilary would win in the category: Preservation of the Family..c'mon now..Hillary stayed by her man time after time, after time or is it woman after woman, after woman?

Oprah has admitted she can't see staying with the same man for 35 yrs. Although she has been with Steadman for a minute. I think my girl does have some committment issues.

But she should still win. She would truly make the best President.

"O" for President. I would so by the shirt, but I would have to find me some cute jeans to go with it.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Kidd Grown said...

I agree anonymous! O for president. Hilary for vice president. That would be the bomb-diggity!

6:37 AM  
Blogger mrsgman said...

Yeah, Oprah to the rescue. Truly she would change the world. She probably would raise teachers' salaries, and make it a law to read because she is soooo big on literature. She would make an awesome president. I'm so glad that she looks all black though! And the fact that she hasn't had any plastic surgery done says it all! She's honest and she's not fake!

12:26 PM  
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