Friday, August 12, 2005

Four Brothers Subtitle: A Hot Mess

Okay, I got to the theater at 7:30, and the next movie didn't start until 9:30. I didn't sweat it because I got $2 off with my student ID. So I decided to drive back home and engage in my favorite pastime, eating. I went back to the theater and found my seat. (BTW, the previews for this fall aren't looking too good.)

The movie was a hot mess. Let me just put that out there. However, it could've and should've ended after an hour and a half. There was absolutely no need for 2 hours. In short, a lot of violence and cursing. I'm still not sure if I understood the plot. If Mark Wahlberg and Tyrese weren't so cute, I would've left after the first 30 minutes, seriously. Andre did a good job though. I have to give a shout out to my boy! (like I know him)

Since this is a positive site, I had to find some good in this situation. The best things about my movie night: a great old school soundtrack, Tyrese and Tyrese.

The worst things about my movie night: (1) The ghetto couple who arrived at the movie 30 minutes late and conveniently selected my row. Talking about, “Say, anybody in them seats?” I started to say, “Yes” especially after the girlfriend stepped on my big toe. (2) The parents (who apparently missed a couple of parenting classes) and had their small children in an R Rated film! Hello. (3) The boyfriend from the ghetto couple in (1) whose phone rang twice (not once, but twice) during the movie, and he had the nerve to answer it and hold a 3 minute conversation.

Dang Gina! I'm just trying to understand. Did anyone have a better experience with this movie they'd like to share?

Oh Miss Sophia now,

Kidd Grown


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Appreciate the review Saki! I couldn't figure out from the trailers if this one was worth seeing or not. Can you continue including movie reviews on your blog site...movies are too expensive and I've seen plenty of bad ones. :) Love the're so hip!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Kidd Grown said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I will certainly do movie reviews. I'll try to throw in some oldies and foriegn films too. That's my new thing. BTW, I got a digitial camera. I wish I had it today while I was at Wal-Mart. I saw some stuff that wasn't right.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saki, you know I love you but I must disagree I enjoyed the movie. The only part that I did not enjoy was the date I went with, but hey that's life at times. I liked Marky Mark better than anyone and oh yes Mr. Benjamin did a great job of acting!! This site is wonderful, keep up the good work!

6:55 PM  
Blogger Kidd Grown said...

I said the movie was all right. They tried to have too many twists and it took way too long for the plot to unfold. How realistic is it for four brothers to come together and shoot up the whole neighborhood in like one week and nothing happens? When you compare this movie to some of Singleton's earlier works, I think you'll agree that this one is definitley in last place. Oh, I forgot...Poetic Justice would be last.

p.s. Can y'all stop using my real name. I'm trying to be incognito. :-)

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Anonymous, I haven't heard him called Marky Mark in a minute. I hope you have a better date next time.

8:46 AM  
Blogger mrsgman said...

Saw the movie lastnight, and I liked it. It was short but I liked it. I think a few minor details were missing. I think Andre did a good job, and Tyrese, but Lavita Loca was crazy, and I was about to flip when she went to the cops, I liked the movie, but where were the cops when all this shooting and running people off the road and stuff was happening? Come on now!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit as well, I liked the movie. What can I say. I like almost any movie that has at least a couple of brotha's in it. Shoot, even Marky Mark was looking good to a sistah. Kind of had that white boy thug thing going on. Tyrese held his on.
John Singleton is still doing his thing, but I had to pull out his 1st movie the other night, Boyz In Tha Hood. Now that is a classic. I was thinking about the first time I watched it. I was 19 yrs old and on a date with a 23 yr old, thought I was all that. I'm still all that. Sometimes things good just don't change, what can I say?!
Sorry, I soooo got off the subject, my bad. Good movie!


7:09 PM  

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