Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kidd Grown’s Top 10 List of Black People who are Trapped in a White Person’s Body

Here it is! I think these people were born into the wrong race, or somebody in the family was dipping and dapping (if you know what I mean). They just have a little too much soul.

Kidd Grown’s Top 10 List of Black People who are Trapped in a White Person'’s Body.

10. Michael Bolton (He's been out of the loop for a while, but he can still blow.)
9. Eminem (He's ghetto fabulous in a Caucasian kind of way. I think he really wants to be black for real. Poor thing.)
8. Michael McDonald (He is the first white man that I can recall confusing me when I heard him sing. "A white man sings that song??? I will never forget when I first saw him on Soul Train. "I Keep Forgetting...")
7. Mark Wahlberg (Four Brothers brought out the old Markie Mark. You can tell he grew up in somebody's hood.)
6. Tina Marie (She's a little out there, but she can sing. I'm gonna need her to update her wardrobe though.)
5. Jesse Duplantis (There's nothing else to say. He is black.)
4. Bonnie Raitt (Give 'em something to talk about girl. Her songs are perfect when you want to wallow in your sorrow. Great blues music. "I can't make you love me...if you don't." Umm. That is DEEP!)
3. Daryl Hall and John Oats (Since they are a group, they count as one. John had a pseudo-afro too.)
2. Bill Clinton (Okay, Bill busted out with the saxophone at every party. I'll bet he owns a set of dominoes that he keeps in a Crown Royal bag.)
1. Harry Connick, Jr. (This is one bad white boy. Anybody who can make you bump a Christmas CD like it's the latest track, is worthy of the number one spot.)

Am I right about it though?

The Kidd


Anonymous Dre' said...

I agree. Jessie is black.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Tino Buntic said...


5:50 PM  
Anonymous Dre' said...

Paula White is tanning too.

3:36 PM  
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