Friday, August 26, 2005

Momma Don't Play


This is classic and a true picture of how creative Black mamma's can be when thinking of punishment. A friend sent this to me today, and I forwarded it to my line sisters. We clowned all day off of this. This is my prayer: For the "real" mommas out there to rise again. This momma is so serious about not losing her son to the streets that she had to teach him. I'm including an excerpt from our email strings. Hope you enjoy our commentary. Pictures can truly tell a story. Even though our momma experiences are so diverse, it sounds like all Black mommas have one thing in common - a very unique form of humorous, but firm discipline. What do you hear momma saying?

Kidd Grown

Oh my Lord, and no she is not chillin' with a chair and some Kool-Aid!  That's tight though--I love it.  :) And now that I'm really thinking about it, I'm sure she made him make his own sign! Can't you just see her cussin' at him and making him make that sign.

You know she talked trash the whole time. I'm sure that he's hearing something like this:

"See. Umm. Hmm. You gon learn one way or the other. I don told you about stealing, but naw. You wanna try me. That's alright. I got something for you. What? I thought I heard you say something. Betta not. And straighten your face up. Don't be trying to look all sad now. You shoulda thought about that when you took yo' butt to the sto' with no money in the first place! I outta whip you tale. You lucky I'm tired."

I can just hear my mom(and so many others) saying all of that. I'm telling you what a better world this would be if more parents took this approach!

The more I look at this picture, the louder she gets. You know some people would say this is child abuseHumiliationion. P-leeze!!! I'll be his butt won't steal no mo'.

The last line on his poster says it all. "I want to go prison like daddy." His mama is not playing with his behind! And yes, I too can hear that beat down.


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