Friday, August 12, 2005

My Family. Mi Familia.

LEFT: Here's me and my three sisters. I'm the cutie in the pink dress. Can you believe I lost 25 pounds in like 3 months??!!! Someone told me that God was preparing me for my man. Hey!!! What's up Boaz? Where you at?

But, I digress. My baby sis, Angela (Angie), is the tall one on the left. Shylika, the one to my immediate right, is the sis born right after me. LaTonya (Tonya) is the one on the far right, and she's the oldest. They are all happily married. Angie and Shylika live right outside of Atlanta, and Tonya recently moved to Dallas from Atlanta.

TOP RIGHT: That's my momma and her girls. She broke her ankle this summer that's why she's in the wheel chair. Long but funny story. :-) This pictures are from my 30th birthday bash weekend. Mental Note: Never throw a party again!!!

I probably should be working right now, but I've made a committment to only update the site during my lunch hour or before/after work. A sista has to be ethical and stuff. I'm buying a digital camera this weekend so I won't bore you away with old stuff. Stay tuned for tonight's commentary of the movie "Four Brothers".

Keep your head up diva or divo,

Kidd Grown

p.s. I'm also a perfectionist. The fact that these two images aren't wrapping correctly is driving me nuts. Pray for me.


Blogger bb said...

what a life. But you did it. You go girl.

6:57 PM  
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