Thursday, August 11, 2005

Remember...I'm Mike Jones, baby!

Okay, is it me or did Mike Jones come out of nowhere??!!! You gotta love this guy.

Here we are talking about a short, dark stocky and grilled out fella from the hood who has more confidence than Oprah Winfrey. Seriously! I ain't mad at him. I'm not a huge fan of today's hip-hop, but I think something has to be said about Mike Jones and his style. And why do we call him by his entire name anyway::!! I actually listened to the song and was thinking about how philosophical it really is.

Check this:

We, human being,s are so selfish and self-centered sometimes that we act like we are TOO good for people unless they have something that we aspire to attain or see some personal benefit from associating with a particular person or group. Think back to when you were a kid. You always wanted to be like the coolest girl or the coolest guy. You wanted to be in their crew. Why, because it was safe. It helped you to escape your own pitiful world (or at least you thought it was), or it all of the negative attention and bullying off you. When the real truth is, the people in the crew were really the ones living in a pitiful world and used their social power to humiliate others while trying to over-compensate from a clear lack of positive self-esteem and love for others. As adults, I still see this happening in ministry, work, name it. It finally took an underground rap artist from Houston, Texas to expose this unfortunate act.

So, Mike Jones...Do yo' thing my brotha. If these girls (the same ones that dissed you before) are all on you now, you have every right to write a song about it. Maybe you will liberate the minds of young people and grown ups about how to treat all people -- when they're up and when they're down -- with dignity, respect and in the same manner in which you would want to be treated yourself. To all my nerds, outcasts, social rejects, impoverished and just overlooked people -- remember..."Everybody has a little light under the sun, under the sun, under the sun."

The next time you need that bit of confidence to boost you over. MIKE JONES! The next time somebody looks at you like you're an idiot. MIKE JONES! The next time you're rejected by someone you have a crush on. MIKE JONES! The next time your boss questions your ability to get the job done. MIKE JONES! You need to look at that person and say, "I thought you knew!" (Pop your collar and scream) "I'm Mike Jones, Baby!"

Peace up,
Kidd Grown

p.s. comments???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The post is really deep. I never thought about how people overcompensate AFTER they find out someone has something they want. Good comments!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saki, love your site! I have to confess that more often than not if I don't see a way for ME to grow interacting with a person it is so much easier to let the machine pick up when they call. Never mind that so many have been so patient and uplifting to me. Thanks for these thoughts, arrogance really does pervade so much of life.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy Saki. I have heard the song and it is so true we humans can be so closed minded and selfish at times even myself. Like Bishop says we have come in at the end of the movie, you need to be with willing to be with someone before and during the movie so you can make it to the end. Man, this hit me hard I want a man to already be there physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially when I myself am not there. I see we need to go through the good and the bad together!

7:04 PM  
Blogger Kidd Grown said...

I think we all can feel Mike Jones in some area of our life. Either past, present or future. The sad thing too is that we've probably been on both sides of the coin. Good thing is, everyday is a new day for change. Embrace change people.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deep comments Saki, on the "Mike Jones Syndrome"....A lot of us suffer from it from one time or another. It is a good song. I feel the brotha, I truly do. It is so interesting how people want you when you've achieved something they have not yet been able to's like they want you when you're hot. Well you need to want me when I'm not. Girl, don't get me started...I'm Mike Jones Baby!!! Back then they didn't want me, NOW I'M HOT, they all on me! BUT I DON'T HEAR THEM THOUGH!!!


6:57 PM  
Anonymous The Golden Child said...

Wow KIDD I just got a real opporunity to read your site on my conference time, and all I can say is, 'you my girl!' When I was married my ex-husband thought that because he was "well-off" that meant he could treat me anyway that he wanted (abuse physical, mental, emotional etc.) and I would stay with him because he had a little $$$ but he soon learned that was not the case. What in God's name make people think that because we have a little 'something-something' we can treat others as less than what they deserve to be treated. I have also learned through being single again and re-establishing myself; that people who really haven't experienced major lifes hardships tend to be a little more judgmental and critical of those of us who have. I have to agree with 'anonymous' we should want to be with someone through the good and the bad and not just only when they make to the top... which regardless of what anyone believes when they look at my current state I know that's where I'm headed, because its what God has promised me!

11:41 AM  
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