Friday, August 26, 2005

Should you laugh when people trip or fall? I just did.

I know that you've seen somebody trip before and almost crack their skull, but have you ever heard it and not seen it? That is even more hysterical than watching it! Imagine this. You can hear a person get up and start walking with a swift pace (light footsteps). All of a sudden, you hear the pace skip a couple of beats. Like "da-da-du-duh-da." You know that they almost fell because the footsteps are heavier and faster. Then they come to a slower pace than before as if the person's trying to be careful. That person is probably thanking God that nobody saw it all go down. Got a secret though: Nothing gets past Kidd Grown!

Anyway, I just witnessed this and had to share. I am over here dying in my cubicle. I know it's not right to laugh at people when they trip or fall, but you have to admit that secretly you laugh too. Let it out.


The Queen of Tripping and Falling,
Kidd Grown


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