Saturday, August 13, 2005

Thank God for Saturday!

Today was awesome! I was so productive. I am so glad that I don't have class on Saturday anymore. I practiced my domestication skills and cooked. Yes, I cooked. I made sweet and sour chicken. It was actually pretty good. I was supposed to go to Austin to attend a friend's graduation party. She's the bomb. She's a single mom who has a house and just got her masters degree. I'm very proud of her. I did put a card in the mail though. I'm trying to do better with remembering important dates and events, keeping in touch, etc. These are very important attributes that I am not naturally blessed with, but are crucial to a successful life.

Anyway, I am so excited about the greatest honor I've ever had. My big sister asked me last week if I could take my niece and nephew to school on their first day, which is Tuesday. I am so nervous and crunk at the same time. I mean, they'll remember this day for the rest of their lives. (Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.) My niece is going to the first grade, so this is really special right??? I know their mom is sad that she can't take them, but she's a teacher and has to be at work at 6AM. Their dad has to work too. So, Kidd Grown to the rescue! I'm spending the night at their house on Monday night. I was thinking about writing them a cute little encouraging letter to put in their lunches. Am I over-reacting? I'm definitely taking pictures though.

I went and bought a digital camera. I found a good deal at Wal-Mart of course. I also checked out Frye's, which is a really cool store by the way. They have everything, and it is so neat and well laid out unlike those cluttered mailings they send out. Who's doing their marketing anyway? I went in there for a camera and came out with a USB stick and an Israel CD. Go figure.

I'm just sitting here watching the movie "Life" with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. I forgot how funny this movie is. "You gon' eat yo' cornbread?" That was a trip. Bernie Mac killed me..."I da pappy!" Okay, I know I need to be getting in the bed so that I can go to worship service in the morning. Tomorrow, I'll have something more interesting to share. Yes, I have to tell you about my neighbor.

God bless you whoever and wherever you are. Remember, "He is with you always even until the end!"


Kidd Grown

1 John 3:1-4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you should be so elated about taking your nieces and nephews to school for the first day. You got to take part in one of the best times in a child's life. I'm sure (and can see) that you made great use of your digital camera. :) Great blog....I'll chime in from time to time.

btw...thanks for the shout-out!

6:26 PM  
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