Wednesday, September 21, 2005

JPMorgan Gives Katrina Grants

Are you considering aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina, or advancing your current programs.  JPMorgan provides grants for the following fields of interest: Arts; Children, services; Community development; Economic development; Education; Elementary/secondary education; Employment; Employment, training; Housing/shelter; Human services, financial counseling; Museums; Public affairs; Public policy, research; Recreation, parks/playgrounds; Urban/community development.

The grant application process involves two phases - a preliminary inquiry and, if accepted, an invitation to apply. Please note that the process may vary from state to state.

To get started, you must identify the region in which the program will be administered by going to the Grant contacts page, where you can locate your state contact. From there, you can submit your preliminary inquiry.

Your preliminary inquiry should begin with the following:

A brief description of your organization's:
Program focus and population served
Program/project description
Program/project budget
Program/project evaluation methods and project outcomes
Geography to be served
Your contact information
If your organization has been previously funded, a description of how the grant funds were used and the grant's impact on the communities you serve

We will contact you after receiving your preliminary inquiry. If we feel that the objectives of the proposal and organization are aligned with our key interests, you will be asked to complete the full application which may include the following information:

A list of the organization's recent achievements
The current operating budget, program budget (if applicable), principal funding sources and levels
The organization's most recent annual report and audited financial statements
A list of board members and their affiliations
The IRS letter certifying 501(c)(3) exempt status
The organization's articles of incorporation and bylaws

The following guidelines are used in evaluating the proposal:

Alignment with our three focus areas of philanthropic giving
Demonstration of effective organizational, programmatic and financial objective setting and management
Evidence of broad-based support, with an accounting of funds received from public and private sources
Description of the target population to be served
Evidence that the service is a response to a valid need, is superior to other competing services and/or encourages collaboration with other organizations for maximum leverage
Documentation of previous program success or substantial reasons to expect such success in the future

Application deadline:  Open

See their web site at for full details.


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