Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina: Demand a Change

Please forward this message along to as many people as you know. This is my little part to correct this injustice for what it is worth. I hope that you will get involved in some kind of way to help the victims, most of which are our people. Please take my call to action at the end of this post very seriously.

This is a wake up call to the world that the demonic spirit of slavery, racism and injustice still runs deep in the heart of America. Some wounds will never heal. In fact, they have reopened for such a time as this. Many of us black people have said this for years. We have experienced racism – maybe not getting called a nigger or being lynched, but the subtleness, lack of equality and other injustices have been voiced for years. Still nothing. Racism also involves the poor. There are many poor whites and others affected by this tragedy that are being forgotten as well.

I hope that some heads roll at the local, state and federal level!

The media focus is now turning toward violence. Again, perpetuating the same racism we have seen over the years on television of how blacks are depicted. I don’t care who you are. When you face extreme poverty, you are operating at the basic survival level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Truth is, we don’t know what we would do if we were in the same situation. How dare us to judge them. What we are witnessing is just a vivid picture of what has been going on for years, but the powers in charge have chosen to ignore. They see what they want to see. But now, you will see what we see EVERYDAY. A plea for justice. A plea for equality. If it were your people, this situation would be different. I am not advocating violence, but I do understand and sympathize with these people.

This is really pissing me off. I am sorry for the language. I heard references to people as “barbaric animals, thugs and hoodlums.” You have just as much violence every day in major cities across the US, especially within the suburbs. But why act so surprised now? The violence is not the point. It is only a symptom of a greater problem. Remember the Titanic: Out of their own arrogance, they ignored the iceberg beneath the water; they only saw the tip. The point is that people are dying and suffering in their own country. Where is the justice? Why are we so surprised that America has a “3rd World Country” right in its own backyard? The laws and policies of this nation have made it as such. These people have kicked into high-gear survival mode.

We have criminals everywhere – especially in the government and corporations who steal retirement money from their employees and abuse stockholders. And you want to focus on people who are stealing televisions? Now there is no excuse for rape, murder, etc. We must pray against these evil forces. These same reporters, politicians and just plain old haughty rich people have no problem coming to New Orleans to drink, strip in the streets, gamble, participate in voodoo and God knows what other kind of evil. But now, you want to sit on your cushy seat of judgment as if what these people are doing is even remotely worse than what you do for PLEASURE??? Please.

I was so glad to hear Matt Lauer this morning have the guts to say that if violence is being over-exaggerated, then we (media) should stop focusing on it. Thank you Lord for moving on his heart to speak the truth.

Doctors, lawyers, scientists, people with special gifts, should be fleeing to help these people. Oh, but that might inconvenience your checking account. All of these artists and professionals who make the majority of their money off of poor people, where are you now?

The military needs to be ashamed. You can put a man on the moon 40 some-odd years ago, but you can’t land a helicopter because of the violence? Please. These people are starving. They are desperate. They are lost. They do not know that help is on the way. Concerns about security are absurd. You can go into a foreign country and do your freaking job. Do it in America!!! You are the military. If you are afraid of civilians, then what the heck are you serving your country for? Fake an injury, get out and get a desk job! This is ridiculous. We do not want to hear about anymore planning.

It took an act of Mother Nature to show us that RACISM is here and must be stopped.

And another thing, let’s bug the heck out of the media to stop referring to our US citizens as “refugees”. I looked the word up last night. Webster defines refugee as “one that flees; especially: a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution”. These are not refugees. They are Americans. This is the land of the free, but where are the brave?

God help us all. Here are some ideas of what we can do to help.

1. Pray without ceasing for God’s perfect will to be done on earth as it already is in heaven. Pray that justice will prevail and that healing will manifest in our land and in the lives of these victims. Pray that when the city is rebuilt, the evil spirits that lived there will not return. Rebuke them in the mighty name of Jesus.
2. Forward this email to everyone you know that will take some action.
3. If you have relatives that you can get in touch with, urge them to refrain from talking to the media about the violence. Let them know that this is what the news is choosing to focus on as their headline story. Urge them to plead for help and ask where is the government.
4. Call/e-mail the news and radio stations and demand that they stop focusing on the looting. Boycott them if you have to. Get your news from an outside source if you have to like BBC. Below is an e-mail or telephone script that you can use. Also, the contact information for all radio, news and papers in the Dallas area is below.
5. Whatever you do, be serious about it. If you do not see the change you are seeking, then boycott. Stop watching the news and go into prayer. Ask God to show you what is happening. Seek revelation from him. Again, refrain from patronizing newspapers, radio stations and television news that continue to perpetuate racism when they have power to really make a difference.

Some Contact Information

Newsroom Phone: 214.252.3333
Newsroom Email:


KTVT (CBS 11) (complete the form)

(817) 654 – 6300

WFAA-TV Channel 8 (complete the form)

National News

CNN Headline news


ABC News

CBS News (go all the way to the bottom and click on “Contact Us”



My name is ______________________. I am a citizen of the state of _________ and a proud citizen of the United States of America. I am a taxpayer, and I earn an honest living to support my family. I am writing to ask you to stop focusing your headline coverage of Katrina on the looting and violence. Also, I stand with millions of Americans and ask that you stop referring to these people as “refugees”. I looked the word up last night. Webster defines refugee as “one that flees; especially: a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution”. These are not refugees. They are Americans.

I am beyond words to describe News __ attempt to focus on the non-important elements of this tragedy. There are people dying! You are educated people, can you not see that this is the real issue? President Bush is correct. “This is unacceptable.”

Rather you intend to or not, your current method of coverage is further perpetuating negative images of Black people in America. You have done this over the years by your attempts to mostly focus on violence when it comes to African-Americans. I urge you to do stories that will compel all local citizens (rich and poor, black and white, Christians and non-Christians) to come together on one accord to help out. We are not barbarians. We are not slaves. We are not thugs. We are people who want the same American dream that you do, and we are entitled to it – just as you are.

I am requesting that you shift your spotlight to the lack of government support and aid, the silence of the Hollywood community and lack of fundraising, the lack of international support, the huge disparity between 9-11, Tsunami and Katrina relief and finally the fact that thousands of our US citizens are being treated inhumanely right in their own country. Along those lines, please make every attempt to highlight all of the positive efforts that are going on around the world to help Katrina victims.

If you do not respond to my request, I will continue to flood your email inbox and voice mail with this same message. I will also encourage all of my friends and family to do so too. I will boycott your organization and will instead choose to receive my information from another non-biased source. Again, I will encourage all those I know to do so as well.

Please choose to make a difference. Please choose to go against the tendency to do what you have always done. I pray that God will richly bless you if you do so. This is the land of the free, but where are the brave?

I hope that News _____ is part of the brave.


Your name


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