Wednesday, September 14, 2005

O, Backbone Where art Thou?

The question of the century is not “Who shot JR?” It is: Where is the backbone? Has anyone seen the backbone? You know, the spine that we were all born with. Not the physical one, but the gutsy one that the human eye cannot see, but boy you sure know when it's in the house. The one that tells you when it's time to shut somebody down. The one that makes you stand up for what is right. You know, a backbone - the one that separates the men from the boys. Have you seen it?

Of course this question stems from a series of conversations with girlfriends and just my general observations lately of men. I have reached the conclusion that something is fundamentally wrong with a lot men of today. They have no backbone. I don't know what happened to it. Did they forget to bring it home one day from school or were they just not born with it? I sure do miss it though. There's something about a brother who knows exactly who he is in Christ and isn't afraid to be that man. There's a level of respect that he commands when he enters the room. This is the type of man that no woman would have any problems submitting to. It's almost like the roles have flipped. You have a lot of pushy and controlling women and too many passive and timid men.

I just want to slap these dudes upside the head and say, “Don't you have an opinion? Boy, you'd better stand up for yourself.” Sometimes I get told that I male bash, and maybe I do sometimes. I know that's not my intent, but I'm just keeping it real. I love the male species. I think they are God's most fascinating creators. But, I just truly am concerned about them. I see too many boys dressed in men clothing. This is scary.

Sisters like for a man to get crunk every now and then. Or, we at least like to know that you can if you have to do so. (I'm not advocating ghetto-ness by any means, but you get my point.) Answer this for me? How are you going to lead a company successfully if you are scared? How are you going to cover your wife and family in prayer if you have to tip toe around their feelings? How are you going to meet a woman if you're sitting in the corner posted up acting shy? Men are created in the image of God, and the last time I checked my God was bold.

I know there are some men out there who can step up to the plate. Too many men today are strong physically, but mentally and spiritually they are lacking. This actually comes from an old strategy practiced by slave masters to maintain social order amongst the slaves. It was simple, and in some cases today, you can see us (men and women of color still acting it out). The males were raised to be strong physically for breeding purposes. However, just like a horse, they had to be tamed. The masters knew that a strong male slave could result in a powerful leader and potential slave revolt. Do you want a REVOLUTION???!!! Whoop, whoop!!!!

If you are a man reading this, it may not apply to you. But, I guarantee that you have at least one homeboy that it does apply to. Can you ask him to bring back the backbone? This world needs it. Our young black teens need it. And guess what, the sisters need it to. We need more vision. We need more passion. We need more action. We need more risk taking. We need more leadership. We need more MEN.

And ladies, if you have a good man - a real man - let him know, encourage him to lead and back him up 200% (if you aren't already doing so). And to all my brothers out there doing their thing and giving back to the community - we see you! Do yo' thang.

All hail to the Backbone!

Kidd Grown


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