Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NBA Thugs or Businessmen?

Whatever happened to the day when NBA stars arrived to the game in their nice sports cars and 3-piece suits? I still have a vivid image of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as they entered the arena before a game. They looked like they were going to work. Oh, there's a key word, "work." That's how they viewed the game. They showed up like they were ready to close a $100 million deal. They were serious.

Today, these cats just show up looking like who did it and what for. Like they just got off the couch from playing video games and drinking Kool-Aid. Take Ben Wallace for example, there were times when half of his hair was braided and the other half wasn't. I was like...what the heck is that? We need to do better for real. The Answer: Dress Code.

I'm not for telling grown folks what to wear, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. They have a dress code for the game - a uniform - so what's the big deal. Maybe, this will restore professionalism back to the sport. I mean it is a "professional" sport, right?

I liked what Michael Jordan said on 60 Minutes the other night. He said that too many of these new kids are getting props and endorsements that they haven't earned. They haven't worked hard enough for it yet. The love and respect for the game is slowly dimming. I thought, "Hello! Can you like be their counselor/mentor or something?" I agree. It's just like a lot of these rappers and singers. They have one hit song and then they get a lifetime achievement award.

I vote for NBA businessmen not NBA thugs.,

The Kidd


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