Tuesday, October 04, 2005

That Darn Cat!

Okay, last week I was the pet sitting queen. I had my friend’s Cocker Spaniel for the fist half of the week, and then I was tasked to watch my neighbor’s cat and dog for the remainder of the week through Sunday.

If you know me, it’s really hard for me to tell people “no”. So, I accepted my neighbor’s request. Looking back, I probably should’ve thought about it a little bit more. Anyway, the first night (Thursday) that I go over to check on them, the drama began. Anyhoo, I was excited to let out the dog, Gracie, who is half-way deaf. She’s so cute and sweet. My neighbor told me that the cat likes to get out. So, I let her out too. I didn’t realize that she meant out-out.

I open the main door, and the darn cat shoots out. I still have Gracie who has special needs, so I couldn’t leave her. I try to walk fast to find the cat. But, Amber was gone. I took Gracie back inside. (BTW, this is the only dog I have ever heard of who does the #1 and #2 on the sidewalk. Yes. It’s like she can’t wait to get on the grass or something. It was so trifling. Of course I cleaned it up, but I was very ticked off about it. Maybe her handicap prevents her from doing it the right way.)

But I digress. I decide to go back to my place and check for Amber in 10 minutes. I go back outside and the cat is still not there. So, I keep going back outside every 10 minutes until about 12:30. I was so pooped, and I had a job interview the next morning. So, I went to bed.

So I was really freaking out about the possibility that I lost my neighbor’s cat. I was crying like a baby for real. I prayed and asked God to help me find the cat. I was afraid to go to sleep because thought Amber would return when I was sleep and I would miss her. I dreamt about the cat and everything. I woke up the next morning searching for Amber.

I went around the neighborhood looking for cats. I saw one house with about 10 cats chilling, and I thought one of them was Amber. So I get out of the car and approach the cats like I’m a police officer breaking up loiters or something. I was calling her name, “Amber.” Why did they all scatter like they were guilty of a crime? So, I decided to ring the doorbell and ask the owner if the suspect cat belonged to her. No answer. I hate to admit this, but I almost grabbed the suspect and pulled a Ben Stiller in “Meet the Parents”. I thought my neighbor wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I mean a cat is a cat right? It was the same color and size.

So, I took another block to rethink my plan. I pulled back up and watched the cats play. This cat was a little too aggressive with the other cats to be Amber, so I left it alone. I went to another block a few miles away and saw another cat chilling in a driveway. Again, I pull up like 5-0 and watch the cat. Just wondering if it was Amber. So, I call and the cat just stared at me. (I didn’t learn until later that cats don’t respond to their names like dogs do.) Then, I noticed that someone was home and was watching me through the window. I felt about 1-inch tall. I quickly pulled away and took a block. I was so embarrassed that I decided not to go ring the doorbell. I did park along the corner across the street and again watched the cat. I could’ve sworn it was Amber. Anyway, I was calling animal control and decided to post some signs around the neighborhood. For the next two days, I put out some food on the porch during the day, but the fat bully cat next door kept eating it. I know it was him with his greedy self.

My neighbor was returning Sunday morning, and it was now Friday afternoon. All weekend, I was dreading this conversation with her. I didn’t know what the cat meant to her, you know. It could’ve been willed to her by her long lost relative or something crazy like that. I didn’t want to be remembered as the girl who lost the cat. Plus, she would’ve been mugging me every time she saw me.

So, Saturday night when I returned home I was practicing the conversation in my head. I walked Gracie once more for the night. We got about halfway down the block when I heard a meow. I thought it was Fat Greedy. I turned around, and IT WAS AMBER! Praise God!

I wanted to beat her little tail and hug her at the same time. Shoot, I don’t even like cats. I huddled her and Gracie up and took them in the house. She was really hungry so I fed her. So, I finally got a peaceful night of sleep. I thanked God for finding the cat. I haven’t run into my neighbor yet, so I haven’t decided if I should tell her or not what happened. Needless to say, I will not be watching any more cats – ever, ever, ever again.

That was my crazy weekend!

The cat in the hat,

Kidd Grown


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't tell her. As long as the cat was not hurt, I don't think it is neccessary. This story is so funny!!!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous t-dub said...

Kidd - your stories are so funny! since i know you, i can hear you telling this story as i read it. only you, Kidd, woulld pull up on some cats like you were 5-0. only you would even get in the car and use up precious expensive gas trying to find the durn cat! only you would call the fat bully cat Big Greedy! this story had me laughing out loud!
i check your blog spot at least once a day and i am never disappointed by what i find! keep sharing and never ever stop being you. i love you!

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You truly give new meaning to the "The Cat in the Hat".
I was truly laughing out loud and co-workers think I have major issues this morning trying to figure out why I am laughing and crying. Keep up the stories.

6:58 AM  
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