Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Kidd's Out of Style List

Not that I'm an expert on any of these topics, but these are just my personal observations with contributions from my friend-girl. No offense to anyone; I'm just saying. Hey, I'm not even in style right now (check out bullet #3 for women). Feel free to agree or not.

For Women:
-Hair weave (not that it is a bad thing, but it's just not in anymore. replaced by natural hair and relaxers)
-White shoes of any sort (replaced by another other color that is not white)
-Single Black women in general (replaced by white girls or other men on the DL)
-Caramel-toned sisters (replaced by light-skinned women, dark-skinned women or non-Black women)
-Fake nails, eyelashes, colored contacts (replaced with what you came into the world with)

For Men:
-Dark skinned brothers (replaced by light skinned brothers. Sorry, blame it on Boris and Shamar. You all had your time in the 90s)
-Corn rows (replaced with fades or bald heads, thank God!)
-Muscle/tight fitted shirts (replaced by loose and/or cropped fitted shirts)
-Fubu type gear (replaced with the Banana Republic look)

For All:
-PT Cruisers, Chrysler 300s (I don't get the hype)
-A curl (yes, I've seen these resurging in the Dallas area)


Thinking of a way to make a comeback,

Kidd Grown


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