Friday, November 11, 2005

Oprah is the Bomb!

This woman is BAD!!! There are really no words to say how much I admire Oprah Winfrey. She is one of the greatest people of our time. If you watched the show yesterday and today, you'll see what I'm talking about. Some people don't like Oprah claiming that she isn't Christian, even though she has openly professed her Christian faith. I believe you Oprah, and I see God's glory all over you. You certainly have the light of Jesus Christ shining through you. I'm glad that you use your influence and platform to do good in the world and to actually create change. It is a blessing just to watch her grow and come into her own.

I think we need to be grateful that Oprah has the ability and willingness to be a blessing everyday to ALL people. She is such an inspiration. Alone, she out gives every Black entertainer and billionaire. She gave $10 million of her own personal cash to Katrina Relief. The woman has a heart for blessing people, and rather if you're a believer or not, it is contagious.

I have been crying for the past two days because of the Oprah show. And Beyonce today...When I grow up, I want to be like her. She is BAD and only 24! Another woman of great faith. I guess my takaway today from those two: Faith in Christ + Hard Work + Strength + Pure Heart + Compassion for People = One Doggone Good Purposed Driven Life!!!!

You Go Girls!!!

Kidd Grown


Blogger Kirk said...

Hi Kidd Grown! Firstly, Beyonce IS a great woman, and not too bad on the eyes! Secondly, you write with an energy that comes through quite strong! I imagine you're the type of person that has that "contagious smile" that you see from time to time. I can tell without ever having met you, that you have a STRONG spirit! God bless you for that! I'll check back often!

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Kidd Grown you my girl and all but sometimes I can't agree with Oprah on the things she says. In one breath she talks about how blessed she is and how greatful to God she is but then in the very next one she explains how she could have never gotten married to Steadman because it would have never worked out, it was best for them to basically 'shak up' and keep it that way because if they would have gotten married they would probably be divorced by now. So I have to say to ask - does she not trust God with that area of her life? Her reason was because her and Steadman are two different people and they like having their own life, but isnt that the same for every couple that gets married!!! Who gets married with the vision of 'its never going to work out?... With Ms. Beyonce, she claims that there is no problem between her selling 'sex' and her beliefs. My question is what is her entertainment? Is it her voice and dance moves, or is it primarily her body? I mean basically she has gone 'butt-naked' was it really necessary to sell the song. No! Yes, she has an amazing voice and is very talented but I don't think God is happy about how she delivers it, it can be confusing especially to the young women in the church trying to fit and do the right thing, Feel me, what is the difference between her selling sex and those that are unsaved??? The Golden Child

3:07 PM  
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