Monday, November 07, 2005

Terrell Owens Needs a Whippin'

What is really going on with this fool? Yes, he is foolish. He is a grown man and acting like a little boy who lost the race. Temper tantrums, talking smack about his teammates...just showing out for NO reason. This is the issue I have with most of today's athletes. They reach a certain level of success and go stone cold crazy. People would kill to make that kind of money, and you throw it all away on some nonsense.

I'm glad that Philly is getting rid of him. Let this be a lesson to all of us: You can have all the talent, skill, natural ability, knowledge, etc., but if you have a crummy attitude, you will only get so far. I hope his momma randomly shows up on his doorstep with a switch (one of the long kinds too) and go upside his behind. This goes back to my point a couple of weeks ago about the NBA thugs or businessmen.

And you wonder we have 90% black representation on the field and less than 1% on the coaching staff, and zilcho in franchise ownership. These (not all, but a fairly good majority of them) need to learn how to act. Perhaps, you are giving people a very valid reason to believe that you are only good for throwing or dribbling the ball.

I'm just saying.

Kidd Grown


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