Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tis the season for Jacked Up Christmas Lights

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to go riding and looking for jacked up Christmas lights. This is fun to do by yourself when you need a good laugh or with a group of friends or family. I honestly do not understand what is going through the minds of some people when they were hanging their lights. I mean, who actually hangs something that looks a hot mess, plugs up the lights, goes outside and says, "Ah, yes. Looks great."

This year, I am doing something different. I am taking my digital camera with me so that I can keep some good laughs for a rainy day. I promise to share them with the entire Internet audience (well, those who visit this blog). I'm over here laughing already. I can't wait. And don't think jacked up lights are limited to the hood. There are some suburban folks who are X-Mas light challenged as well.

Starting a petition now to put an end to the madness,

Kidd Grown


Anonymous John said...

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2:05 PM  
Blogger Weird said...

Some High school kids around here stacked some of those lit up front yard reindeer. They looked like they were participating in some NASTY reindeer games. I should have taken a picture. Sick, but Creative.


11:28 PM  

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