Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Wedding Just ain't a wedding without the...

Now, you know "we" have to do the slide, cha-cha, bunny hop and Harlem shuffle. If you are Black, this is a wedding reception must have. I think I've only been to one wedding in my entire life where we did not partake in this tradition. It is so fun though. Me and my one friend have this thing we do with our hand when we do the slide. It's like you're winding up something. I dare you to break out right now where you are and do one of these dances. You know you want to.

Speaking of dancing, I'm losing my touch. I used to be able to bust a move back in the day. Now, my moves consist of moving side to side and waking up sore the next morning. I did try to impress my old friends with some of my new hip-hop dance moves that I've been learning from the kids at my church. I so cannot do them, but they thought I was jamming. I think I was a little bit too.

It's funny how perceptions of my dancing ability can range. While my line sisters thought I could dance quite well, I have some other friends who absolutely refuse to graduate me from their school of dance. This one girl told me that I looked like I was rolling up a car window when I was trying to rock the chicken head. I was rolling. But, I think I should get an A for effort because I try really hard. In my head, I am really rocking it like Beyonce.

Now, back to the wedding. I went to the most fabulous wedding this past weekend (that's where we did the slide). My friend was so beautiful, and her new hubby is such a great guy. They looked so happy together. They are a beautiful couple, and he broke down at the alter with the tears. I was like, "that's what I'm talking about bro." Can a sister get the breakdown? It was fun just hanging out with old friends. I realized that the older we get in life, the more fabulous we should get also. I don't mean fabulous in an arrogant sense of the word, but fabulous as in richer, more full of life, hope and peace. That was my revelation for what it was worth. Look at Oprah and Vanessa Williams. They are like so the bomb.

Anyway, here's the only decent picture that I was able to leave with from the wedding. I bought this doggone camera thinking that my life would change for the better (you know...capture more of those precious life moments). NOT!

"Right foot, 2 stomps!"

The Kidd


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