Thursday, September 08, 2005

What Katrina taught me this past week…

1. Never doubt what God has spoken to you in quietness. Even when your senses tell you otherwise. Hold on to the peace that you have in your spirit and expect His confirmations.
2. Remember that someone always has it worse than you, so stop complaining.
3. Silent Christians can cause more harm to this world than the most wicked man.
4. If you have passion for something, act on it. What's the worse thing that will happen.
5. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart like you are working for God and not man.
6. Volunteering does not mean standing around looking cute. It means rolling up your sleeves and getting in the ditches; putting yourself into the persons' shoes you are serving.
7. In all things, know that God is in control and everything works for His good.
8. A smile can change any situation into a good situation.
9. It is perfectly okay to cry for no reason. We know that angels catch our tears.
10. I am the apple of God's eye.
11. You don't have to give money to help someone. Time is the most precious gift.
12. Sometimes the truth is ugly, and we don't want to acknowledge it. But, acceptance is the first step to healing.
13. The poor are forgotten by man, but God remembers all.
14. If you ever have influence over anything, use it. It can be more powerful than the entire government.
15. Don't worry about being politically correct. Sometimes you have to just tell it like it is.
16. The things we think are important in life really aren't. What's most important is seeking and doing the will of God.
17. We can't add a single day to our lives by worrying. Jesus was right, or course.
18. Large groups of women can be friends without being jealous, envious or hateful toward each other.
19. Life is too short. Make sure you laugh everyday.
20. Praise and worship God everyday. In His presence there is glory and honor.