Friday, October 07, 2005

The Gospel...Now I Ain't Sayin' it was Bad, but...

Ooh. I haven't been this dissapointed in a long, long, long time in a movie. But first, let me start with the praise because that's what you do when you are the bearer of bad news.

Um, one word. "Boris" I know that's some woman's husband, but that is one good looking brother. My goodness. Okay, back to reality. The cast was awesome. Maybe a little too star studded,, but it was cool watching some of my favorite actors and performers on the same screen. The music was excellent too. Definitely a soundtrack worth purchasing.

Okay, so that's about it. Y'all, this was obviously low budget. Not that I have a thing against low budget or independent films, but at least make sure the money is invested in the right direction. For example, the cast probably costs the most money. Not a very wise decision in my opionin because a lot of new up and coming actors and artists could've been used instead. Given the fact that nearly every single person in the movie who had a part was a superstar, led me to believe that this is the reason that the editing was so BOOTLEG! There were times when I thought someone had a video camera shooting the film.

The story line was not very well developed either. My friend almost fell asleep, and the only thing that kept me awake was Boris. I'm not going to dog the movie out because it was positive and had a Christian theme to it, but it did not do it for me.

The Kidd could've had a meal from Boston Market instead.

Guess who had the nerve to just pass me in the hallway....

Amber. That little monster looked at me like we were cool now. I'm still bitter. Had the nerve to rub up against my post. She'd better watch her back.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News for women entrepreneurs in Dallas

For Immediate Release
For More Information Contact
Gina Grant
Women That Soar

Local Group Host, “Women Of The World,” And Serve As A Catalyst For Building Partnerships To Support Economic Growth And Entrepreneurship Among Women

Dallas, Texas October 3, 2005, Women That Soar, a local Dallas company will host, “Women of the World, Women Uniting To Help Women,” a kickoff reception and forum Friday, October 28, 2005, from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. @ Stephanie Ward Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas 2546 Elm St. The reception and forum will be the launch for plans to help increase economic wealth, global alliances, partnerships and empowerment among women.

Women Of The World is collaborative effort between Women That Soar, Women For Women International, and International Gift Of Hope. The organizations have joined forces to raise awareness and money for women in Africa. Organizers hope that their efforts will unite and empower women around the world, stimulate economic growth, and provide an opportunity for them to form global alliances.

Former publicist Gina Grant, who is also the Founder of Women That Soar, says she got the idea for the campaign after watching a segment of the Oprah show. Ms. Winfrey had Women For Women’s International’s founder, Zainab Salbi on her show, to share the unimaginable hardships that women in The Congo and Rwanda face on a daily basis. Winfrey appealed to women around the world to write encouraging and supportive letters and to assist in providing economic relief.

“Our primary initiative is to serve as a catalyst for building partnerships to support economic development and entrepreneurship among women globally. I believe its time that we unite and help women, especially women in Africa; who don’t have resources and opportunities. We will achieve our goal by hosting forums, workshops and luncheons in ten national markets and two International markets bringing attention to our efforts.” said Ms. Grant.

Event attendees will have the opportunity to mingle, network, and sit in on an open forum and panel discussion. Participants will here from local top-female CEO’s on what it takes to sustain and operate a successful and vibrant business; and find out how they can be apart of our efforts to band together provide relief to deadly scourges that is paralyzing African women.

For additional information about the upcoming event, contact Gina Grant @ or 972-222-4034 or log on to or,

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

That Darn Cat!

Okay, last week I was the pet sitting queen. I had my friend’s Cocker Spaniel for the fist half of the week, and then I was tasked to watch my neighbor’s cat and dog for the remainder of the week through Sunday.

If you know me, it’s really hard for me to tell people “no”. So, I accepted my neighbor’s request. Looking back, I probably should’ve thought about it a little bit more. Anyway, the first night (Thursday) that I go over to check on them, the drama began. Anyhoo, I was excited to let out the dog, Gracie, who is half-way deaf. She’s so cute and sweet. My neighbor told me that the cat likes to get out. So, I let her out too. I didn’t realize that she meant out-out.

I open the main door, and the darn cat shoots out. I still have Gracie who has special needs, so I couldn’t leave her. I try to walk fast to find the cat. But, Amber was gone. I took Gracie back inside. (BTW, this is the only dog I have ever heard of who does the #1 and #2 on the sidewalk. Yes. It’s like she can’t wait to get on the grass or something. It was so trifling. Of course I cleaned it up, but I was very ticked off about it. Maybe her handicap prevents her from doing it the right way.)

But I digress. I decide to go back to my place and check for Amber in 10 minutes. I go back outside and the cat is still not there. So, I keep going back outside every 10 minutes until about 12:30. I was so pooped, and I had a job interview the next morning. So, I went to bed.

So I was really freaking out about the possibility that I lost my neighbor’s cat. I was crying like a baby for real. I prayed and asked God to help me find the cat. I was afraid to go to sleep because thought Amber would return when I was sleep and I would miss her. I dreamt about the cat and everything. I woke up the next morning searching for Amber.

I went around the neighborhood looking for cats. I saw one house with about 10 cats chilling, and I thought one of them was Amber. So I get out of the car and approach the cats like I’m a police officer breaking up loiters or something. I was calling her name, “Amber.” Why did they all scatter like they were guilty of a crime? So, I decided to ring the doorbell and ask the owner if the suspect cat belonged to her. No answer. I hate to admit this, but I almost grabbed the suspect and pulled a Ben Stiller in “Meet the Parents”. I thought my neighbor wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I mean a cat is a cat right? It was the same color and size.

So, I took another block to rethink my plan. I pulled back up and watched the cats play. This cat was a little too aggressive with the other cats to be Amber, so I left it alone. I went to another block a few miles away and saw another cat chilling in a driveway. Again, I pull up like 5-0 and watch the cat. Just wondering if it was Amber. So, I call and the cat just stared at me. (I didn’t learn until later that cats don’t respond to their names like dogs do.) Then, I noticed that someone was home and was watching me through the window. I felt about 1-inch tall. I quickly pulled away and took a block. I was so embarrassed that I decided not to go ring the doorbell. I did park along the corner across the street and again watched the cat. I could’ve sworn it was Amber. Anyway, I was calling animal control and decided to post some signs around the neighborhood. For the next two days, I put out some food on the porch during the day, but the fat bully cat next door kept eating it. I know it was him with his greedy self.

My neighbor was returning Sunday morning, and it was now Friday afternoon. All weekend, I was dreading this conversation with her. I didn’t know what the cat meant to her, you know. It could’ve been willed to her by her long lost relative or something crazy like that. I didn’t want to be remembered as the girl who lost the cat. Plus, she would’ve been mugging me every time she saw me.

So, Saturday night when I returned home I was practicing the conversation in my head. I walked Gracie once more for the night. We got about halfway down the block when I heard a meow. I thought it was Fat Greedy. I turned around, and IT WAS AMBER! Praise God!

I wanted to beat her little tail and hug her at the same time. Shoot, I don’t even like cats. I huddled her and Gracie up and took them in the house. She was really hungry so I fed her. So, I finally got a peaceful night of sleep. I thanked God for finding the cat. I haven’t run into my neighbor yet, so I haven’t decided if I should tell her or not what happened. Needless to say, I will not be watching any more cats – ever, ever, ever again.

That was my crazy weekend!

The cat in the hat,

Kidd Grown

Complaint about America's Next Top Model

Okay, it isn't just me. I've talked to several other people this week about this little lesbian plot that Tyra has going on her show. Obviously, I am opposed to such a lifestyle, but I believe in freedom of choice and speech. However, I don't think we need this on regular television. I expect to see two women making out in the back of a car on a cable network. If I wanted to see that, I would watch the Real World. So many young girls idolize Tyra, and I really have a hard time believing that she could be so irresponsible to not consider this large and impressionable group of her show audience. What if they think that's what they have to do to become a model or to be on her show. I don't know if they're trying to boost ratings or whatever, but I am SO not impressed.

I hope that if you felt uncomfortable in your spirit when watching this, that you would write her show and express your dislike of the choice to air such content. Needless to say, I won't be watching the show until they pull this. I know I'm only one person, but if 1 million people felt this way and decided not to watch, I'll bet her producers would wake up and smell the coffee. I love Tyra to death, but I can't do it. The auto-reply that I got back says that this email address is for photos only. However, if enough people write to it, I'm sure the message will get to her.

Here's my letter. See, I was really nice unlike the other ones I usually send when I am swole.

Hi Tyra,

I greatly admire you for your entrepreneurial efforts and the many positive ventures you have pursued in the past. I am so glad that you are positive role model to young women, in particular to black young ladies. I too am African-American, so I give you mad props my sister. But Tyra, I am very disappointed and disturbed about the lesbian plot currently on your show. I am very surprised to see that you would support such activity by perpetuating it through your show.

I think you should strongly consider pulling the lesbian plot of the two model hopefuls on your show. I don’t think it serves a purpose, and it only takes away from the show in my opinion. I have heard many of my friends say that they are going to quit watching if this is continued. I would hate for your ratings to go down, but I know they will because many Americans share this view.

I expect to see something like this on cable, but not on a regular television where millions of children watch. We do not need to expose young ladies and children who watch and admire you to an alternative lifestyle. Your show should be about the quest for being the next top model, not about a relationship that is occurring between two women in the house. We can watch the Real World for that. Again, it just has no point other than to try to attract a new audience. I’m not sure what your producers are doing, but I don’t agree with it.

I won’t be watching your show (as much as it hurts me to do it because I love it) anymore until this is removed.

Still a fan though,

Saki L. Milton
Dallas, TX

How to Ask a Man Out Without Asking a Man Out

This one is for the ladies. This is not from the Kidd, but this is some good stuff that my friend forwarded to me. I might have to put some of these practices into play.

by Jason B. Illian
September 28, 2005

Okay, let's get practical. It's one thing to talk about the perfect-world scenario—boy likes girl, girl likes boy, boy asks girl on date, girl accepts, they date and fall madly in love—it's another thing entirely when the dating environment resembles crossing a five-lane highway blindfolded and inebriated. The current reality is that many Christian women aren't getting asked out by Christian men, and this dating vacuum is sucking some women down a desperate hole. But don't lose heart. There are a number of effective, biblical strategies that Venusians can apply to increase their chances at getting asked out on a date. You just have to learn how to ask a man out without asking a man out.

I'm not necessarily advocating that women start asking men out or that women become the leaders in the relationship. I'm simply suggesting a few ideas that will help you capture a man's attention. More than anything, we need to realize that dating is less like a rescue and more like a dance. Both parties have a role to play. So ladies, break out your high heels and try waltzing to this the next time you see that mysterious man across the room …
Be noticeable—In the Song of Solomon, the beauty asks Solomon, "Where do you tend your sheep?" (1:7). Properly translated to 21st century lingo, scholars have discovered she was asking, "Where is your Starbucks? Where do you hang out so I can show up there and be noticed by you?"

I think too many of us are holding on to the fantasy that God will miraculously drop the love of our life from heaven, gift-wrapped and marriage-ready. While he certainly can, this appears to be his least-used strategy. God definitely has a big part to play in your romance, but so do you. If you want to be noticed by that dashing hunk across the room, be noticeable.

I like to refer to it as "the wave." If you want Prince Charming to fight for your heart, then give him permission to fight for your heart. Wave him down. Engage him. Most women go to dinner or out on the town with a group of their friends. No matter how confident a man is, most men won't approach a woman who's surrounded by her three best guard dogs. It's just too risky. So, if you want him to come talk to you, catch his eye. Wave at him. Wink at him. Get up and go to the restroom at the same time he does. Hold his glance a few seconds longer than normal. Do something so he knows it's safe to introduce himself.

For the most part, there isn't necessarily a list of right and wrong ways to get a man's attention. What you do is more of a reflection of your personality and the situation. But don't be afraid to be creative or clever.

One girl "waved" at me recently after I finished playing pool with a couple of my buddies. I noticed this intriguing girl when I first walked into the room but realized she was with two guys and another girl. A closed door, I thought. But when I was returning the pool balls, she got in line behind me to rent the table. We struck up a conversation and I found out she was just hanging out with friends from work. She waved at me. I noticed.
Be approachable—A woman's body language says much more about her intentions than her words. A guy is more willing to engage you if you and your friend are standing more shoulder-to-shoulder than face-to-face. Just like they taught us in kindergarten, create an open environment that invites others to join your group. If you're hanging out with a mixed group of men and women, you have to be even more conscious of being approachable. You can't expect any man—except the institutionally insane—to approach you if it appears you may be with another guy. Most of us want to get a phone number, not a black eye.

And if a courageous man does approach you and your friend, that's your friend's cue to do something else. No man wants an audience as he awkwardly tries to introduce himself and start a conversation. Remember, men have feelings too, and we're often very nervous about approaching a woman we don't know.

The key to being approachable is to have fun. Men are much more likely to cross the room and talk to you if it appears you're having a good time. Two of my single guy friends recently enrolled in a cooking class to improve their shameful cooking skills. On the first night of class, they realized they were the only men in the room. When they were struggling to stuff their turkey, who do you think they asked for assistance? You guessed it—the two girls across the room who were laughing, smiling, and making a complete mess. Two of them have started a friendship that could lead to more in the future.

Go out to have fun and you'll naturally attract men who share the same passion for life.
Be flirtatious—Like sex, flirting gets a bad rap in most Christian circles. There's a time and place for flirting just like there's a time and place for sex. (Just so we're on the same page, the time and place for sex is called marriage.)

If, by flirting, we're referring to how a woman expresses her God-given personality around the opposite sex, how she enjoys the abundant life, and how she attracts others with her heart and not just her hips, then flirt away. On the other hand, if we're referring to a woman using her voluptuous figure to arouse lust in men or win sexual favors, then she's abusing her Jedi powers. There's nothing inherently wrong with flirting if a woman's intentions are admirable. It's when flirting becomes a sport or misleading that things get complicated.

So what exactly is admirable and permissible? Well, it depends on the situation. A couple years ago, I had front-row seats as I watched a sweet Christian girl flirt with my roommate at a volunteer inner-city clean up. The girl partnered with my roommate as they picked up trash around the neighborhood. Being only ten yards away most the time, I had the opportunity to hear how she engaged him in both interesting and silly conversation. After she tackled him into a pile of leaves, my roommate said he'd get even with her the next week. She said, "Why wait that long?" and then walked away. She had him hook, line, and sinker. He called her and took her to dinner a few days later.

Flirting doesn't need to be sexual, but it does have to be intriguing. Remember, a man can't get to know your heart and mind if he doesn't spend time with you. Give him an invitation to spend time with you.

Of course, all of this advice hinges on the premise that you actually go somewhere and do something. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Most of our dating methods are insane. If you want to meet new people, you have to get out of your same old routine and follow your passions, whether that entails taking a cooking class, learning how to two-step, operating a power saw, or firing a hand gun. And when you do notice that cute guy, wave at him … it may encourage him just enough to ask for your number.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Why does John Madden talk so much?

GHETTO: Man, you can't even watch the game because he runs his mouth the entire time!!! And most of the time, he ain't even talking about nothing...telling random stories of yesterday.

I mean, the man is a football genius but they need to tell him to shut up sometimes. I think Al is scared of him. AND, to quit drawing all over the doggone screen. I swear. He is really working my nerves tonight.

Oh well, I guess I'd rather have him then Magic Johnson. Who could ever forget, "They done throwed the ball!"