Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Janet Jackson having a daughter isn't true...

My bad. I'm acting really old right now. Ignore my previous post. This is just a rumor.



Craig's List

If you haven't been able to check out Craig's List, it is the bomb! It has everything. If you are looking for a job like me, this is the place to go. I've gotten more responses from this list than I have gotten from Monster. It is so cool.

Bye Bye to Howard Stern

Did y'all hear that David Lee Roth (Van Halen) is replacing Howard? I think that's cool. I've never liked Howard Stern anyway. His hair got on my nerves. He had too much. Anyway, I don't know much about David Lee Roth, but I did love me some Van Halen back in the day.

Don't act brand new either. Remember, "Jump!" and "Panama"! I think that must have been before Video Soul, so all we had was MTV. I'm surprised we had that. Maybe that's why we had to unplug the cable before we went to school in the morning...things that make you go, "Hmm?"

"I want my MTV!"


What is really going on???!!!!

Janet's got a secret child who's 18. Sheryl Swoops is coming out. WHAT THE HECK!!!! Ooh, we need to do better. What else is Janet keeping from us? I mean, it is so not that serious. How you gon' hide a person for a year for 18 years!!!!! That ain't right. And the girl is beautiful. I am going to pray for my sister.

I'm just saying. And Sheryl. O my goodness. That is so sad. We need to pray for our people, for this nation and for Christians. I'm not judging anyone. I'm just saying.

Lord help us!

The Kidd

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Texas Longhorns

I am just so happy for my team. Did y'all see Vince Young pop his collar when he got a touch down? I was like, you go boy! I smell ROSES!!! Here is a picture of me and my friends from Texas-OU weekend.

Here's a deep thought for you. Why do people drive from another city (like 200-300 miles) to attend a watch party and other events? Can't they like get together in the city where they live and do the same thing? Just something I think about every time the TX/OU weekend rolls around. Gotta go. I missed last week's Apprentice so I gotta catch up.

All hail to the 2006 National Champions!

NBA Thugs or Businessmen?

Whatever happened to the day when NBA stars arrived to the game in their nice sports cars and 3-piece suits? I still have a vivid image of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as they entered the arena before a game. They looked like they were going to work. Oh, there's a key word, "work." That's how they viewed the game. They showed up like they were ready to close a $100 million deal. They were serious.

Today, these cats just show up looking like who did it and what for. Like they just got off the couch from playing video games and drinking Kool-Aid. Take Ben Wallace for example, there were times when half of his hair was braided and the other half wasn't. I was like...what the heck is that? We need to do better for real. The Answer: Dress Code.

I'm not for telling grown folks what to wear, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. They have a dress code for the game - a uniform - so what's the big deal. Maybe, this will restore professionalism back to the sport. I mean it is a "professional" sport, right?

I liked what Michael Jordan said on 60 Minutes the other night. He said that too many of these new kids are getting props and endorsements that they haven't earned. They haven't worked hard enough for it yet. The love and respect for the game is slowly dimming. I thought, "Hello! Can you like be their counselor/mentor or something?" I agree. It's just like a lot of these rappers and singers. They have one hit song and then they get a lifetime achievement award.

I vote for NBA businessmen not NBA thugs.,

The Kidd

Salute to Rosa Parks

I don't think there are any words to express the gratitude that we owe Mrs. Parks. What I find particularly sad right now is that we usually don't remember people or their contributions until they pass. She was a true pioneer. I guess the biggest lesson that I take from her life is that even the most simple act can lead to a major revolution of change for the betterment of society. Rather we stand for justice, kindness, economic empowerment or whatever - we should do just that...STAND. As black Americans, I sometimes think that we have gotten too comfortable with the benefits that people like Rosa Parks stood and and in numerous cases died for. We work hard to get a college education to get a good job so that we can buy a house in the suburbs, get married and have 2.5 kids. The American Dream right? Wake up y'all. It's time to get back in the fight for justice and equality for all, starting with our people.

Let's rekindle the love that we once had for each other as brothers and sisters in a foreign land. It never seems to amaze me how so many nationalities can migrate to America and within 20 years have more home ownership, more college graduates, more small business establishments than we do, even though we've been here longer. We are more likely to be poor, uneducated, incarcerated, divorced, date and marry outside of our race and the list goes on.

I am not militant. I am just saying. We need to find the love. The only way we can impact this country and this world for the better is if we learn to love each other first as brothers and sisters. This means, brothers quit dogging sisters out and saying that we are too loud and hard to love. Step up your game and be leaders, help us and love us for who we are. Sisters, that means quit settling and taking care of grown men who need grow up. Quit chasing them down. Quit marrying/dating for superficial reasons. Let's chill, okay. Let's get back to finer womanhood and when our men back. Not for romance, or course we want and need that too, but for the sake of our future viability. Lastly, let's work together to reach back and build our young generation. Today, they need our faces, skills, mistakes, successes, etc. now more than ever. As Hollywood continues to put negative images all around the world of our people, let's work to affect our young people at the lowest common denominator - in our homes and communities. Let's teach them to go beyond obtaining "things" and getting into the mindset of being world changers - spiritually, politically and economically.

Whatever your profession or passion is, use it! You never know when God will present your opportunity to change the world. For Rosa Parks, it was allowing her to be so tired from work that she refused to get up. Now, that is the POWER of God to take an everyday experience that we all have and use it to do a great thing in the world.

Boy, I sure I hope I haven't missed my chance. If so, I believe that he'll give me another one. I believe that he will give you one too. As a matter of fact, I believe that he will give our people another one too.

Be of good courage!

Kidd Grown