Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Little Controversy

Lately the topic of homosexuality keeps coming up. I want to understand how people feel that they are born this way and blame God for making them this way. I just don't buy into this philosophy. One of my friend's said a lady at her job is lesbian and said that she was born gay. She said that she knew she was gay since the age of 3. Isn't this a stronghold. A demonic spirit like anything else such as stealing, pornography, pridefulness, etc.? I mean, don't we constantly have to fight our flesh?The Bible says to "Submit ourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he shall flee from you." But, I guess if you don't know the TRUTH, then you can't fight. But what about those who do know the truth and still choose homosexuality as a lifestyle.

Then, I just watched Oprah, and most of the guests on the show said they knew they were gay at very young ages as well. I was so not feeling this philosophy. There are gay clubs for students and even children's books to help kids (KIDS) understand their sexuality. To me this is horrific!!!

I'm not saying that being gay is hard. I'm sure that there are lots of pressures and lots of ridicule that comes with the territory. But, I just don't believe that God intentionally makes people this way when his word CLEARLY opposes this lifestyle amongst many other things. I don't think anyone has the right to judge (including me), but at the same time I don't think we (as Christian's) should approve homosexuality either. I believe they deserve equal protection under the law, but I am 100% for the preservation of the family unit and matrimony as defined by the creator of the institution, God himself.

I know that everyone isn't Christian, but where does this country go from here on this issue? How do we deal with it? How do we minister to gays without being judgemental? One of my gay coworkers asked me once if I would go to his wedding if he got married. I told him, "no." He got so upset with me, but I explained to him that I wouldn't dare witness any wedding that I morally disagreed with (gay or straight)!!!

I really don't get it,

Kidd Grown

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tis the season for Jacked Up Christmas Lights

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to go riding and looking for jacked up Christmas lights. This is fun to do by yourself when you need a good laugh or with a group of friends or family. I honestly do not understand what is going through the minds of some people when they were hanging their lights. I mean, who actually hangs something that looks a hot mess, plugs up the lights, goes outside and says, "Ah, yes. Looks great."

This year, I am doing something different. I am taking my digital camera with me so that I can keep some good laughs for a rainy day. I promise to share them with the entire Internet audience (well, those who visit this blog). I'm over here laughing already. I can't wait. And don't think jacked up lights are limited to the hood. There are some suburban folks who are X-Mas light challenged as well.

Starting a petition now to put an end to the madness,

Kidd Grown

Magnum P.I.

Do you remember "good guy/bad guy" shows when they were good? I just finished watching an episode of Magnum P.I. It was off the chain. The music was good, and Tom Seleck was so cute. The acting was okay, but the story lines were clean and still good. Ooh, now Simon and Simon is coming on!!! Tell me honestly. Does CSI, Law and Order, Without a Tace and all those other shows even compare to the following?:

-Dukes of Hazzard
-Hunter (y'all know Hunter was so cool. He always shot and killed the person though and had the nerve to check for a pulse after doing so)
-A-Team (I got to name my 2nd grade reading group the A-Team because we were such smartie's)
-Knight Rider (Everyone wanted a car like Kit. Remember when he was on Different Strokes. That's another thing they don't do anymore. Allow characters from one show to make appearances on another show)
-Hillstreet Blues
-Cagney and Lacy
-Miami Vice

I know I'm forgetting some really good ones, but you know what I mean. Today's stuff is kind of disturbing when you actually watch it. For example, I had to quit watching L&O before bed because I was becoming afraid to go to sleep. Too much blood and guts for me. I'm just sayin'.

Just thinking back to good ol' quality programming.

Kidd Grown

Bring Back Whitney

I am in desparate need for Whitney Houston to make a come back. I heard "Saving all My Love" on the radio today, and almost went into a frenzie that she has become so desolate. Today, there are so many people landing record deals but have no real ability to sing. We need to hear real voices again. Mariah was one of the few good voices left, but she's too mainstream/hip hop now.

Whitney, if you just so happen to stumble upon this site...please, please, please come back.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Stuff that shocked me today

Today was very interesting for me. I haven't been to a dollar store in some years. I went today. They have EVERYTHING!!! I was so excited about what I saw. I bought 4 batteries for $2. I had to get out of there because I would've went crazy.

Then, then, then...I saw my first doggy daycare. It was so neat. The dogs were staring out of the window like little kids waiting for their mommies and daddies to pick them up. It was called Demi's Doggy Den. They had a little play area and everything.

I sat there thinking, "Wow. Why couldn't I think of that idea." I mean, people were actually coming to pick up their dogs after work. Now, if they're charging the same prices as daycare for kids, then they are making a grip. One dog was so cute! He was staring at every car that pulled up. It was too cute.

I must admit I wanted to go in and play. Would you put your dog in daycare? I mean, do they really need it?

Kidd Grown