Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just catching up...

What's up y'all? I have been busy. I've started working again. It's been really cool. Other than that, I haven't been up to much. I haven't met any guys lately...well, for a long time. What is the deal? I must have a really GREAT man looking for me because I have been very patient waiting on God for a mate. I think about dating, but I desperately suck at it. I just like being friends with people with the hopes that it will turn into something. Is that too passive? I just hate dates. People are so on their best behavior. It just seems so fake.

But I digress. I have got a lot on my mind though. Things such as:

1) Grillz...uh, this is so not cute.
2) There's a song called, "I'm in love with a stripper." What the heck. What is music coming to? I am so tired of ghetto-fabulousness.
3) The Texas Longhorns unprecedented victory over USC! USC who? Never heard of them.
4) Controlling, stupid and insecure women. I'm sick and tired of them.
5) Why were people going crazy over Memiors of a Geisha? It was ah-ight. Too long. Some of the scenes were unnecessary, but overall it was a beautifully made movie.

I could go on and on. I guess I just need to start writing again. I need to touch base more.

Kidd Grown,